Pricing and licensing

There is two type of licenses : Single user and multi user.
For single user, you can install IaaS Management Studio on as many computer as you want with one license, as long as the same user is using it.
We trust you to not distribute your license to other people.





for 30 days


multi-user license inside company

Create virtual machines
Attach azure page blob as disk drive (x64 only)
Analyze blob usage Free unused page disabled
Manage Virtual Machines
Manage VHDs Limited to 10GB
Manage storage
Connect remotely (RDP,PowerShell,SSH)
Generate scripts Copy script disabled
Manage custom scripts Limited to 20 lines (or default script)
Free trial

No credit card required


One license




Attach page blobs as cloud drive

Attach empty drives and browse them with windows as you would do with any normal volume.
You can then format the disk, create new volumes, upload files, or modify files directly with the windows explorer.

Works only on x64 machine, and only NTFS partitions will be mounted.

Create virtual machines from various sources

  • From Azure Gallery
  • From VM Depot
  • From a VHD in your storage account

Manage virtual machines

  • Attach new disks
  • Customized dashboard
  • Change endpoint configuration (support single port as well as port range)
  • Delete

Connect to virtual machines

Each virtual machine are configured so remote management works out of the box

  • With Remote Desktop
  • With Powershell
  • With WinRM
  • With SSH
  • List, Start and stop windows services (Windows only)
  • List, enable and disable firewall rules (Windows only)

Manage VHDs

  • Create VHDs in one click
  • Create MBR and format to NTFS
  • Need more space ? Resize you VHD.

Manage storage

  • Quickly compute what azure bills you for your storage.
  • Manage storage accounts
  • Manage containers
  • Manage affinity groups
  • Create empty drives
  • Find orphaned disks
  • Break lease
  • Copy blobs
  • Share and import VHDs (Shared Access Signature)
  • Create and copy snapshots
  • Upload and Download (Restart resistant, optimized for sparse data VHDs contain)

Generate scripts

Most of the script are generated, so you can automate our tasks easily.

Analyse blob usage

Run file system analysis (currently linux file system EXT only), and easily reclaim the wasted billed space of your VHD.